Our Mission:

It’s become apparent to us that the role of the fourth estate is to hold those in power accountable for the decisions that they make. Although the prevalence of the media was never intended to be as influential as it is today, it has become crucial to American government checks and balances. Unfortunately, today when we turn on the news or read the newspaper, the content seems to exist strictly for entertainment purposes. The media seems to care only about their “clicks” or “ratings.” This priority compromises the integrity of the press. Because of the media’s shift in priorities and excessive attacks from those in power, it’s losing its reliability among the American people.

We want to be part of the generation that saves journalism. Honest journalism has proven itself too useful and too necessary to entirely scrap from the core of American culture. Without it, we are left to believe everything that we are told by those in power, a perilous state of affairs. If we can solve today’s problems with our nation’s media, it will pave the way to resolving other issues such as partisanship and the overall lack of tolerance of one another.

The solution to the reestablishment of real journalism is not that difficult or complicated. America needs more honest and unbiased correspondents; those who will garner respect and trust from both sides of the aisle.

Journalism is dying, but it’s not dead yet. I believe that I can be part of the generation that saves the fourth estate and restores order in American journalism.